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Friday, December 18, 2009

The book club selection for January is The Once and Future King by T.H. White. According to one review, The Once and Future King is children's fantasy as it should be, a delightful read for both kids and adults. T.H. White manages to mingle the humorous and the sad portions of the King Arthur story successfully, and he never talks down to his audience or tries to oversimplify the events. The result is a wonderfully entertaining book that never slows down, one that's both amusing and serious.

White covers the entire story of King Arthur's life. He captures the spirit of the times, making you feel like you're actually in England during the Middle Ages, watching the tournaments and quests and battles yourself. His descriptions are beautiful, his characters come alive and his handling of some of the classic scenes is unforgettable.

Arthur's first important realization is that people in his time think that "might is right." Is this belief confined to the Dark Ages, or do many people still think this way? Can you give any examples?

At one point, Arthur believes that might can be used in the cause of justice. Sir Kay objects that this is no different from "might is right." Do you agree with Sir Kay? Or are there times when people are justified in using might to enforce their ideas?

Merlyn says it is wrong to start a war, but it is all right to fight if the other side starts. He also says it is almost always possible to tell which side is starting a war. Do you agree it is only legitimate to fight if the other side starts the war? And is it always possible to tell which side is starting a war?

The Once and Future King has been called the world's greatest fantasy classic.
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