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Welcome to the internet home of the Kilbourn Public Library (KPL) Book Club. The KPL Book Club meets at the library once a month. A book is chosen for each month and then members of the book club meet the last Monday and Wednesday of every month for lively discussion and treats. While we can’t offer you treats via the internet, this KPL Reads blog was designed for those of you who would like to participate in the book club but don’t have time to join us at meetings. Each month KPL staff will post discussion topics and questions to get you “talking”. Join in the discussion by adding a post to the blog. Click on the word comments below the post you want to "talk" about and write your comment. Be sure to check back often to see feedback and comments.

Monday, August 31, 2009

The Kilbourn Public Library book club selection for September is the non-fiction book The Woman Who Can't Forget by Jill Price. Jill has the first diagnosed case of a memory condition called "hyperthymestic syndrome"--the continuous, automatic, autobiographical recall of every day of her life since she was fourteen. Her memories are like scenes from home movies, constantly playing in her head, backward and forward, through the years; not only does she make no effort to call memories to mind, she cannot stop them.

The Woman Who Can't Forget is the beautifully written and moving story of Jill's quest to come to terms with her extraordinary memory, living with a condition that no one understood, including her, until the scientific team who studied her finally charted the extraordinary terrain of her abilities. Her fascinating journey speaks volumes about the delicate dance of remembering and forgetting in all of our lives and the many mysteries about how memories shape us.

Would we want to remember so much more of our lives if we could? Which memories do our minds privilege over others? Do we truly relive the times we remember most vividly, feeling emotions that coursed through us then? Why do we forget so much, and in what ways do the workings of memory tailor the reality of what's actually happened to us in our lives? Let us know what you think.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Kilbourn Public Library book club has chosen the perfect end of summer read for it's August selection. We will be reading Judy Blume's Summer Sisters. Blume, who is best known for her young adult novels, has written a story of two girls from very different backgrounds and the coming of age summer they share. Their story will play with your emotions and leave you wanting more. This book will take you back to your own childhood summers and will remind you of how strong the bond of friendship can be.

Summer Sisters unfolds over almost twenty summers in the lives of Vixen and Caitlin--from 1977 when they're twelve to 1995 when they celebrate their thirtieth birthdays. There's a love story at the center, and the story of a frienship more intense and longer lasting than many love affairs.

What is it about Vix that leads Caitlin to befriend her in the first place? What does Vix get from her friendship with Caitlin? What does Caitlin get from Vix? And what do each of them give? What do you see as the source of the lasting bond between Vix and Caitlin?

What drew you to each character? With which characters did you most sympathize? Why? Was the ending inevitable or tragic? How do you feel about the ambiguity of the ending? Let us know what you think!